What We Do

The Mid South Wedding Association is dedicated to providing education, technical support, professional development training and other benefits that promote and encourage professionalism for our industry to the clients we serve. We strive to give the public good and current information to help them plan their special events. We also offer continuing education to the members of the association throughout the year.
By offering Wedding University to brides it offers each member:
•   The opportunity to educate a group of brides and their families and give them tips to plan their weddings in the hopes that they will remember us and hire us for their wedding day.
•   We never charge the guests.  These seminars are unlike other shows because you as a member are charged a lower booth fee to participate after being an active Association member for one year.  This fee is to cover the setup and advertising costs of putting on our successful seminars.
•   When talking to the brides, we try to help assist them by asking if we can help them in choosing other member for services still needed or if already booked on their date, we assist by referring them to another member that can help.  It’s all about networking with each other!
•   We all share in the marketing of the seminars by linking to each other’s websites as well as the Mid-South Wedding Association website at: www.wehelpbrides.com, we keep bridal seminar posters and flyers at available member’s storefronts as well as each other’s business cards to promote one another and we also send out emails to our own leads telling them about the upcoming seminars.


Members agree to:

1) Conduct business with honesty and integrity.
2) Treat other trade professionals with respect.
3) Constantly strive to improve their skills and knowledge.
4) Engage in fair and honest business practices.
5) Agree to use dependable equipment and reputable staff.
6) Agree to conduct themselves with grace and professionalism and to dress appropriately to the dignity of the occasion.
7) Agree to establish a positive working relationship with other professionals and clergy.
8) Members may be asked to leave the association if they break association rules or are unable to successfully defend themselves against complaints filed by clients, customers or other members.  Membership may be revoked by a majority vote of members.